Face Shield Manufacturing Environment

Landale Signs is proud to manufacture single use face shields and multi use face shields that meet or exceed Alberta Health Services (AHS) specifications. These types of face shields are a required part of AHS’ Contact and Droplet Precautions. We take many precautions to create a sterile face shield manufacturing environment.

Work Station Precautions

Dedicated work areas are used for manufacturing our face shields. These areas were sterilized at the beginning of the shift, at the end of the shift, and at two hour intervals during the shift.

Employee Precautions

All of the employees involved in the manufacture of the face shields employees wear gloves and face shields at all times. Precautions were taken to remove gloves properly, and the face shields were sterilized at the beginning of each shift.

Also, a minimum of 6 feet distance between employees is maintained.

Storage Precautions

Our face shield manufacturing environment also includes storage precautions. First of all compressed air is used to clear particulates prior to storage. Secondly, all masks are stored in sealed boxes. These boxes are stored on pallets.

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