If you wish to reuse your face shield, it is important that it is padded with closed cell foam; as opposed to open cell foam. This is important as closed cell foam has different properties than open cell foam.

What is open cell foam?

One of the best examples of open cell foam is the foam used for as a mattress for bedding when you are camping. It is soft, and absorbs moisture rather easily (as anyone who has ever had water inside their tent will tell you). This is because the open cells in the foam make the foam porous.

Open cell foam has two advantages: price and comfort. Using open cell foam is one of the reasons the cost of a single use face shield is less than a multi use face shield.

Though open cell foam may feel more comfortable, it cannot be reused after the face shield is removed.

What is closed cell foam?

Closed cell foam is more ridgid, and the material is not porous. Because it is not porous, it will not absorb moisture. Since it will not absorb moisture, the surface can be sterilized and the face shield can be reused.

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